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Nov 30, 2008, 10:42 PM 1

Its lag time here at chess.com where the excitement is overwhelming and thoughts teeter on the brink of imploding, the question of, if this log on attempt will be successful. Biscuits Alas it is and now comes the question will the text appear in the box? Will I see my seek appear? Oh the pain! mmm the question is why do I keep trying? I have heard or seen a question posted by a member, asking if this chess.com site is addictive. mmmm Biscuits I am but at a loss for an answer as I stare at my screen, just almost, maybe, there if it would work I we could play, you and I.  Masters all you are.  So I turn to my biscuits for comfort, convinced in the fact you are all feeling as I do. I want my chess.com!!!!!!


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