time again

Jul 27, 2011, 6:29 AM |

Well its time once again to post my yearly blog on chess dot com. 

This past year ive barely had a chance to play chess, i dont or cant even play the turn based games cus i time out, anyone else been to busy to play. 

Ive logged onto live chess a few times for a quick min game but havent been able to spend the time on there that i used to be able to. 

That seems like so long ago, so many life times ago, 

I still enjoy Chess dot com and am glad to see the numbers steadly increase. I can remember logging in and only seeing 400 ppl on line and that was a busy night. 

I miss that old chart format, where you could just read and laugh and try to keep up with the convo, in 2008 it was at its best i think. 

All the best this year chessnuts hope your happy and may all you ups and downs be in between the sheets.

check you later