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Dec 19, 2015, 1:30 PM 4

Hi guys!

I hope that some of the people that are reading this are neurotechnix because I want to start a website that will help me (and many others) complete there/my neurotechy things. You guys do not have to help me and you all have the right to ignore this message. I also understand that some of you don't want to trust a 11 year old. But if you will trust and help me, please leave some comments down bellow. Here are some of the things that I want to complete. If some of these are already invented, please let me know.

-Telepathy System - Copies your thoughts from the Broca's and the Wernicke's Area and sends them to whoever you want to send them to.

-Neuro Thought Wave Computer - Copies your thoughts and transfers them to the computer and then to a hard drive. It is basically a model of my/your brain.

-Neuro Gaming System - Turns of all of the nerves in your body and then the computer sends electric shocks to your brain which will let your brain enter the virtual world (pretty cool... and dangerous)


I'm sorry that I can't show the images on this blog post. I'll figure out how to do it.


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