Chess Openings: Part IV: Beating Evan's gambit

Chess Openings: Part IV: Beating Evan's gambit

May 25, 2013, 3:35 AM |

Hey! This is my 4th part of openings , and I selected it for defensive players. The opening is Evan's gambit and I will show you how to play against it with confidence.

Evan's gambit is the 2nd popular continuation of Giuoco Piano (1st popular is classical c3 move).

Black must choose between accepting or declining the gambit, but statistically accepting is much more better than declining it. 

White's next move is surely 6.d4 , and after 6...exd4 ; 7.0-0 black shouldn't take d4 pawn , as it will open very sharp lines for white's bishops and especially queen.

And now the point, the best move for black is 7....Nge7. 

And now if white plays 10.Qb3 , black will play very reasonable 10....Be6 move, and now if 11.Qxb7 Ndb4 will give black very good game.

If 10.Ba3 , black will play Be6 again , and this will be only in blacks' favour. 

Blacks will complete his development and later punish whites for such an aggressive opening.

I showed the opening from blacks' side and this is how to beat this gambit.