MY top openings

Mar 4, 2013, 5:31 AM |

1.Sicilian defence-Najdorf

I prefer this one to all as it's very respected defence in the sicilian by many GMs ,and it's giving very good tempo for blacks to expand on the queenside.

2.Italian game

I like the sharpness and tricky poitions that can occur in this opening.

3.Nimzo-Indian defence

The most played defence against queen's pawn , and I gained good results.

4.King's Indian defence - Petrosian variation

This is my most favourite defence against a strong player as this gives rock solid defence for blacks.

5.Closed Ruy Lopez

The main admiration is slow strategic play , which teachs very important things about chess.

6.Pirc defence

My most favourite solid defence against King's pawn.

7.Alekhine's defence

I really like this since it's damaging white's center and gives very sharp lines for blacks.

8.Queen's gambit

The only gambit I play occasionally in chess.

9.Caro-Kann defence

Not so playable from me, but also with good results.

10.English opening

I like the strategic thought of this opening and the deepness. But I don't play it often as I know a few lines of it.