Strongest openings for white.

Strongest openings for white.

Apr 19, 2013, 11:18 AM |

Hi. I will write in this article about openings for both sides, that will give at least not bad chances for winning.

So just remember that you must choose openings according to your style(attacking or solid-defensive).

First I'm going to start from white's side.

I do recommend white players to play openings like Ruy Lopez, Scotch game, Queen's gambit, English opening, Catalan and King's Indian attack. 

Just know a fact that with careful play black will equalise the position in several openings which include Italian game , Four knights' game , King's gambit, Vienna or Bishop opening etc. But you can play these openings with a lower class player. 
For example in Ruy Lopez there are only 2 defences for blacks to equalize the game, but it will be not so easy. Those are Morphy(a6 systems) and Berlin(Nf6) defences. All other defences like Steinitz or Schliemann-Jaenish even with best play won't be enough for blacks to equalize the position.

In the King's gambit , there are very good chances for whites to win the game with a player which isn't familiar to the lines of the opening. But if it's not so , the game will turn over to black's faviour. For example if the game reaches the Muzio gambit, we can say that our opponent isn't adept in this opening.

In later posts I'll write about defences for blacks to play against white openings.