selected games for facebook

Jun 21, 2015, 3:45 PM |

I decided to post up some of my chess games for my facebook page. These games are all against the computer. You might wonder why not share games against other people. My reason for not doing that is computers tend to play with a more clear cut plan. Which in my opinion serves as better examples. 


The game i selected for the blog today is from the openning the polish openning. It is not your common every day openning. This openning did take me some time to feel out. I often found myself at a loss for plans against this openning. That was not the case in my selected game. A clear cut flank attack wipes the computer out in short order. Demonstrating king safety and piece play against the queen. 

Just want to take a second to point out what robotic moves can do in the opening.

White does have alot of presure here. At some point f4 could be played and open that file for the white rooks. Also like to point out that the rook lined up with the queen is not always good. If h7 ever had to capture. The queen could come down and pick off the rook. 


back to the game.

The computer had ways to come up with counter play. Just no time to play them cause of the constant attacks on the queen.