Just Some Thoughts


Personally I think FIDE must start held Chess960 tournaments, it's inevitable in my oppinion to save chess.

Many rules, tiebreaks, etc have been invented through yrs to 'save' chess but it's not really help. Ofc we all look up the top players/tournaments. Today some opening theory in top lvl can be 30 moves. Increasing from 40 to 60 moves for 1st time control dosn't help in my opinion..


How to make Chess960 doesn't look so random?

1) FIDE can use 1 starting position every (or 2) WC cycles. So, every tournaments under FIDE must use this position, let's say, positon No.123 as starting position during that yr WCcycle. This way player can do very good preparation instead of random starting positional every tournaments and also can save chess for at least 960 World Championship cycles.


2)If that too much, maybe Chess960 only for tiebreaks, but again, same starting position during that  yr WC cycle. 


3)More about tiebreak (Just for fun). Instead of blitz or rapid the tiebreak winner can be determined by who is the fastest to solve 10 chess puzzles to avoid blitz which is very much like penalty shootout. This still related to players chess strength and open new jobs for chess composer. Or,if it's too hard for organizers to create/find chess puzzles..


4)Kasparov Death Stare! Kasparov is chess, chess is Kasparov. Anything about Kasparov is related to chess. We know Kasparov is the most intimidating player of all time. Tiebreak winner determined by staring Kasparov big poster with his death stare (ofc if real Kasparov he might favor some players, who knows). Player who don't blink the longest is the winner.