My 3rd FIDE rated tournament series

Oct 28, 2014, 7:26 AM |

The tournament is a below 1600  and in my next round i met a lower rated player

in my next round and my final round of my first day i got lost to a lower rated opponent terribly

in my 4th round played with another rated player and i won only in queen ending
in my 5th round again a terrible loss for meCry
after a terrible last round i got a nice game
the last day of this tournament i have to win all 3 matches to get a prize
my 8 th round
i have to win my last game to get a prize but again i lose in final round and fed up infact i got crushed by my opponent
and finally i got 6/9 points only and my rating has dropped to -57.6. And i am depressed very much hoping to perform well in my next tournament. All comments are welcome so that i can improve my game. Thank youSmile