Blunders... "even the guy who can't think says something"

Oct 3, 2014, 11:37 AM |

Today Live Chess Standard - 863

My goodness I have been losing some games. All the effort put into running tactics exercises (at least an hour a day) seems to be having no effect. I have been trying to get through Lasker's book II which is all openings which I was told was unimportant at this miserable stage in the game. I am one of those people who takes their own screw ups very badly in everything and this certainly includes chess. If you are reading and take an interest in how to really blunder check out some of my recent games. I feel like an idiot every time I do something stupid and it really makes it hard to continue playing and improving. I can not be the only person who reacts this way so I am wondering what gives you inspiration when you are constantly making mistakes and losing miserably while not having enough knowledge on strategy to really know how to prevent making the same mistakes over and over? I am going to read Avni's Danger in Chess and see if it can help. 

Everything I see says you can basically hit 1200 by just not making blunders so I think that will be my real focus until I hit that level of play. I get so involved in seeing my own plan happen on the board I forget to check every possibility before commiting to a move. Any advice from the 100 would be awesome.

PS - I get about 100 viewers so I will affectionately refer to y'all as the 100!