Season Final Teams and Groups

Dec 16, 2008, 12:50 PM |

All teams must have a minimum of 10 players for each match and a max 100. Team matches can be called Season Match - Round X - (Custom Message). You can start your match anytime before 10th of January. 

Name Members
The Dream Team 890
The Best 560
Chess Unlimited 504
Amateur Chess 451
The Power Of Chess 332
Team Philippines 312
The Learning Group 234
Team USA North Central 223
American Group 218
Endgame Lovers 164
Red Army 148
Informal Coaching Program Group 102
Yugoslavian Group 95
Indian Marauders 68
Ukraine Team 65
Strazevica Raiders 60
Arab Chess Players 59
Unity Group 54
Chess Kingdom 50
Serbian Group 49
Zhane's Group 43
Lunatic Soilders 33
Tomb Raiders Clan 22
Team Match Group 22
Strazevica 16
Tactics Improvers 16
Fun Forum Games 15
Reg Reg 13

Group 1
The Dream Team
Team Philippines
Red Army
Strazevica Raiders
Zhane's Group

Group 2
The Best
The Learning Group
Informal Coaching Program Group
Arab Chess Players
Lunatic Soilders
Tactics Improvers

Group 3
Chess Unlimited
Team USA North Central
Yugoslavian Group
Unity Group
Tomb Raiders Clan
Fun Forum Games

Group 4
Amateur Chess
American Group
Indian Marauders
Chess Kingdom
Team Match Group
Reg Reg

Group 5
The Power Of Chess
Endgame Lovers
Ukraine Team
Serbian Group