I hate your face! #1

Jul 22, 2012, 9:17 AM |

Greeting chess.com. I am neeneeboo and you are reading "I hate your face! #1". This is going to be a blogging series that I shall post every Sunday and it will be about whose face I hate because they may have displease with something they said or did. If you disagree with my thoughts on a subject feel free to comment below about it and I will be happy to debate my point of view. So I shall begin

I hate your face George Lucas! Now your first thought will probably be " How the hell can you say you hate George Lucas if you love star wars?!". It is very easy to say that. All I have to say is three words... Jar Jar Binks. Jar Jar Binks is an annoying creature with no use. He should die and he should have never been created but sadly George Lucas made him so vital to the entire saga by having him make one major political decision in Revenge of the Sith. Now your going to say " He was a comic relief for young children!". I say walk up to any 5 or 6 year old and ask them" Do you think Jar Jar binks is funny?". There answer will probably be no.

For argument sake I will give you Jar Jar Binks is a comic relief. My next reason is. In 1997 ll the changes he made to the original trilogy.

Here are some mayor changes made.

5. Jedis don't scream

The 1997 special edition version of "The Empire Strikes Back" was changed so Luke wails as he jumps off the platform in Cloud City. In the only instance of Lucas undoing a later alteration (sadly, it appears that Greedo still shoots first on the DVD of "A New Hope" [ed. note: Lucas says that Greedo still shoots first]), he's taken it off the DVD edition. Maybe he realized Jedis (even ones in training) don't scream.

4. Boba Fett has a new voice

Since Boba Fett is a clone of Jango Fett, and Jango Fett is played by Tamera Morrison, doesn't it make sense that he should sound like him, too? That's exactly what George Lucas thought, so Morrison was brought in to re voice the four lines of dialogue (yes, believe it or not there are only four!) Boba spoke in the original trilogy.

3. A new and improved Jabba

Remember that dodgy-looking computer-generated Jabba they inserted into the 1997 re-release of "A New Hope"? Well, he looks a little less dodgy this time around thanks to some improved CGI.

2. The emperor's new clothes

In the original version of "The Empire Strikes Back," the emperor Darth Vader speaks to via hologram was played by a woman in a mask (!) and voiced by Clive Revill. Again, in the interests of consistency, Ian McDiarmid -- who portrays the emperor in "Return of the Jedi" and the prequel trilogy -- now appears in that scene with an added line or two of dialogue.

1. The big finale

The 1997 special edition of "Return of the Jedi" added a few "Star Wars" worlds joining the celebration of the Empire's demise at the end of the film. For the DVD, they've added Naboo, a planet that figures prominently in the prequel trilogy. Also, Anakin Skywalker is noticeably different this time around. When he removes his Darth Vader helmet, he now has no eyebrows! It's probably safe to assume he singes them off in his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi in next summer's "Revenge of the Sith" and a change had to be made.

But the most noticeable change -- and perhaps one some "Star Wars" diehards will have a tough time stomaching -- is Hayden Christensen (who plays young Anakin in the prequel trilogy) now appearing in the scene where the "force ghosts" of Anakin, Obi Wan, and Yoda smile at Luke. One thing's for sure, there's plenty for fans to debate -- that is, until the trilogy comes out yet again on another format in the future and George Lucas makes his inevitable changes ...


I am unsure how you will argrue all of those changes but you are welcomed to. Thanks for reading and don't foget to come back for another installment of "I hate your face!"