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I hate your face! #2

I hate your face! #2

Jul 29, 2012, 6:07 AM 6

I hate your face David Yates! For those who may not know who David Yates is he is the director of the last few Harry potter movies. This is why I hate his face. Because of allllll of the things he took out of the Harry Potter movies. Now you will say" It is impossible to fit EVERYTHING from one of the books in the movie." That is true but why the hell add so much stuff that WASN'T in the book. If he hadn't added so much unnecessary material the movies could have had a lot more stuff from the books in turn making them better. Here are a few this the were NOT in the books

1.In Harry potter and the deathly hallow part one The Harry and Hermione Dance scene. A waste of 2 minutes that was just plain stupid. Here is the scene if you want to see it.

2.In Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince The Burning of the burrow. I know most people say that this scene added real emotion to the film and ,make you feel what they were feeling at the time but I think it was just a waste of movie time and budget.

3.In deathly hallow part one Hermione Obliviates her parents. My guess they were trying to set the tone for the movie by attempting to make a tearjerker scene. Once I say a waste of time and budget because of all the photos fading that's got to build up in cost.

That is why I hate his face. If you disagree with what I think feel free to say what you disagree with and I will be happy to debate my point of view.


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