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I hate your face Drew Carey!

I hate your face Drew Carey!

Aug 14, 2012, 10:32 AM 12

I hate your face Drew Carey. I hate Drew Carey's face because of how he ruined the Price is Right.I have watched the Price Is Right for a few decades. Drew Carey has destroyed the show.He is a horrible host. I can't take his jokes. I don't think he is funny at all (except maybe his ugly bowties). His Elvis imitation after the mountain climber game with Elvis products was bad (and I'm no Elvis fan). He also some how got his arm caught on the spinning turntable for the “Grocery Game.” Who gets there arm stuck in that?
Another thing I've noticed is there have been a lot more celebrities on  the show. My guess for that is because Drew Carey is SO boring that they need to give you another motive to watch it.

Another thing is in the Show Case at the very end of the show someone got the price exactly and Drew Carey was More concerned about saying to spay and neuter pets even though no one had EVER gotten the price exactly. He was not excited at all like a host should be. Watch the clip below to  see.

Also you can go ahead and disagree with this but his head looks like a giant potato.

Wanna read an old face hating? Then click on a pic below to go to it.

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