Castro Sibanda vs Mark Wozniak

May 6, 2013, 1:57 AM |

As promised here is Castro's game from last week. It was an interesting positional struggle with Black having the usual 'bad bishop' problem in a Queen's Gambit but able to exert pressure on the b-file. Nonetheless, Jackie and I thought Castro should have been able to maintain a dark square bind and perhaps even construct a mating net down the h-file (see comments at moves 31 and 38). Once white surrendered his attacking options and opted for defensive play, the b pawn became vulnerable and was lost. Thereafter I think Castro would agree he was lucky to win after a time-trouble induced blunder by his opponent (not shown here because the game score stops after move 54).

The lesson to be learnt I think is once you have the initiative in a chess game, you must maintain it at all costs.