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Nov 30, 2015, 3:00 PM 0

Hi! The noob here. In the first videos on my youtube channel I had background music, but then I had to remove it due to copyright reasons. Now I'm thinking about putting royalty free music again, so that the viewers can (hopefully) enjoy my content more. The big question is: what kind of music do you listen to, if you listen at all to something, while playing chess? I usually listen to eelectronic, energetic music while playing live games, classical while studying and jazz while analysing. What are you thoughts?  Here's my last video. In the first minute I briefly talk about this very topic. Please let me know what your musical customs are in the comment section, either here or on youtube, no big deal :) 

Thanks in advance to all of the commentators! 


If you're new to all of this, the A Noob's Life channel is the space where I share my daily efforts in order to become a better chess player by posting live games, puzzles, game analyses and much more. Have a look at what you see and if you like it please consider subscribing and commenting about what my mistakes were, I am a noob and I need your help to get better at the game! 

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