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THE CRAZIEST COMEBACK! (Noob chess analysis)

THE CRAZIEST COMEBACK! (Noob chess analysis)

Dec 7, 2015, 1:19 PM 0

Hi! Over on my youtube channel I've posted another video in the Chess Analyses series. In this series I will show through an analysis some of the most fun games I've had in live and turn-based chess (one per video) Smile This is only for entertainment's sake, but feel free to comment saying if you agree with the computer's evaluation! In the video I show how I managed to win a basically lost position. Remember, it wasn't due to me being good, but to both me and my opponent being noobs (no offense intented)! Also, if you want to help me, continue reading. 

If you're new to all of this, the A Noob's Life channel is the space where I share my daily efforts in order to become a better chess player by posting live games, puzzles, game analyses and much more. Have a look at what you see and if you like it please consider subscribing and commenting about what my mistakes were, I am a noob and I need your help to get better at the game! 

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