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How Richard Nixon could have survived?

Jan 16, 2010, 8:20 AM 0

 It is without any equivocation that Richard Nixon was one of the greatest occupants of the White House escpecially when it came to foreign policy. However, despite such remarkable achievements at the world scene Nixon was caught in a series of scandals which surfaced in 1973 and came to be known as the watergate scandal and finally eased him out of office by 1974. Nevertheless I still believe Nixon could have survived had he been absolutely ruthless. The strategy would go like this- Nixon in late 1973 could have staged false flag operation in the US which was to be blamed on Cuba. Then Nixon could have capitalized on his renowned anti communist stance to mount an all out assault on Cuba thereby risking his foreign policy achievements as the USSR and the US could go toe to toe with each other. Meanwhile Nixon's popularity soars for his handling of the situation and goes on to acquire the powers of commander chief and declare an unlimited national emergency as tensions with the soviets increase dramatically. Besides the situation could have also distracted the majority Americans from the growing Watergate time bomb. Now as Nixon and his security adviser shrewdly offer the soviets a deal in the form of financial support for soviet military strikes against China's nuclear installations as compensation for Cuba tensions between the soviets and the US are reduced greatly and  Nixon is hailed a hero. However if the watergate scandal still persisted or worst still that the events leading up to the Cuban invasion was a false flag to boost his dented presidency revealed, Nixon could still use his emegency powers. In an event of such an situation he could have declared martial law throughout the US, put hundreds of congressmen calling for his impeachment in to prison, order the armed forces to seize control of the streets and arrest anyone one who is caught protesting without trial, banning free speech and closing down important media firms, and denying tax revenues to states which opposed him along with the suspension of the constitution. But if that had come to pass Nixon would have been a near dictator but at an enormous cost to the country's economy and political standing in the world of international relations.

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