Christmas tree time!!

Dec 11, 2011, 1:08 PM |

OMG!!! yesterday, I got my X-mas tree with my family! the thing is, we always get ginormous trees because we put them in a room with a high celling. If your thinking 8 feet, you arent even close. We have like an 11 foot space to put a christmas tree, so we always take advantage of that! we get 10 foot high trees and bearly have enough room for our big star!!

I think that picking out a tree is always a HUGE task!! it's me, my 2 sisters, my sister's boyfriend, my mom, and my dad. We split up into teams at the huge X-mas tree farm, we go every year in persuit for the perfect tree. It's always my sister,sarah, and i a a team. then my other sister katy, and her bf, austin, as one team. that leaves my dad and mom together. we always have a contest ,that whoever finds the perfect tree gets bragging rights for the rest of the year. My team has one for the past 3 years, sop when Katy and Austin one they got really excited. Katy really wanted to find the tree because this was her last year picking out a tree with us, cause shes going to colage mext year.

the next step is putting it up. i just got finnished helping Katy and my mom with it, so i smell like pine. that is all we have so far, but i'll keep you posted!