Cheesy Wondering why Women are Nosy

Cheesy Wondering why Women are Nosy

Jun 1, 2012, 2:51 AM |

Note: I've been writing blog post on Cheesy the Bug and his obsession with Number One, and Philoni (naming names, wahahaha) there suggested I introduce a new character, which is not a bug, but a worm instead. Hehehe. For whatever purpose this may serve, am just posting this, and yeah I guess the usual understanding that, this is not by any means related to Chess. Then why post it right? Well, because I like to post it here and because this is my personal space? Hahaha. Trying to rationalize on things, might work or not.Tongue out


So I was talking to Cheesy saying: You been away for sometime.


Nothing that’s just a statement. Hahaha. So how have you been?

Are you my mother?

No, not your mother. But I like to think of you as a friend.

I been around. Thinking mostly.


About why someone have to ask me things that are none of their business.


I think you are more intelligent than that. Geez. Nosy. Yeah. Woman are nosy. Asking a lot.

You don’t like that huh? Hahaha. Then don’t answer my question.

Why do you ask things that are none of your business by the way?

Hm.. If depends actually. Sometime, am simply curious, or I worry about the person, and therefore I want to know if things are good. I wouldn’t ask things If I don’t care what happen to you, you know. You can just die for all I care. Hahaha. Yes I guess that’s it. I ask questions because I want to make sure that everything’s well, not that I can do something to improve the situation if things are not really good, but more so you know I care if you hurt yourself or experience any similar problem. Something to that effect. Hahaha

But what if we don’t even know each other and then you start asking things non-stop and frying on personal things. Cheez!

Then you are talking about somebody else I presume?

Yeah. Somebody else. No, it’s not a somebody, more like a somewormy.

Well, don’t kill me with the suspense, tell me who’s that already.

I don’t know her name. She just show up from nowhere and actually, am not interested who she is. Let’s just call her Nosy. Yeah, a very nosy worm.


Nothing more to say about her. And why are we talking about her by the way?

You did open up the conversation.

I did? Well, come to think of it, she sounded smart.

And you have a knack for smart girls?

I don’t have a knack for anything. Geez. I just meet the worm and you are already insinuating things.

And? (... Cheesy’s gone). Hahaha. Weird bug that he is, I can’t really think of a reason why I continue talking to him.