Cheesy the Bug is Bugging Me Off Again

Cheesy the Bug is Bugging Me Off Again

Mar 25, 2012, 1:23 AM |

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Cheesy, are you suffering from sleep apnea?

 Why you ask?

Because you are snoring loudly. You deprived me of precious sleep, you aware of that?

Well, on my part, I still can’t believe that I am talking to a human like you are. My mother said never talk to them people; they are a curse to us.

Wow! Now I know where you get those vindictive ideas. Why does she think that we are a curse to you bugs?

Because you people don’t have a mind of your own. Or few of you had a mind of their own and you end up following those people who had a mind of their own. Take for example your folk story that so defect how humans take ideas. What you call that, I think it’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. How can a powerful king be made to accept the stupidest idea known to man? We’ll for a start, why not make him believe that only intelligent people can see something that does not exist, like a cloth that isn’t there to begin with?”

And what’s that have to do with human being a curse to bugs?

Nothing. That’s just an introduction. Aren’t you going to defend humanity and say that it is not true?

Well, I don’t know what to say to you Cheesy. You seem to have a lot to say, thinking too much, what do you hope to accomplish from all of that?

Do I have to accomplish anything from thinking? I just like doing that. It takes the boredom out of me.

Let’s play chess then.

I don’t think you are a worthy opponent. I checked you games, and I found your moves not quite to my standard. Should you reached 2300+ rating, maybe I’ll consider.

How many lives do a bug has? Cats had 9. If I kill you now, can you resurrect yourself Cheesy?

Another human error. When someone tells them the truth, they create war as an excuse to kill and remove competition, or critics. 

I have to write a report, please go away.

I shall be back. Soon.

Please consider disappearing to times indefinite.

Can’t do that. I still have to tell you the rest of my story with Number One.