Dr. Cheesy on Aching Heads

Dr. Cheesy on Aching Heads

May 4, 2012, 2:08 AM |

Note: Usual crazy thought. Hm.. 

So I was talking to Dr. Cheesy this morning because I got this terrible headache. So I consulted this particular pain that am experiencing, and here's our conversation:

So Cheesy, I was thinking, because half of my brain hurts today (the other half is relatively okie) and I was sort of wondering what to do about it.

After looking at me over a couple of minutes, he hand me a prescription in narrative form by the way, he doesn't have formal medical schooling you see which reads:

The way to stop the pain is to either stop the pain gland, or hm.. confuse it. This is because if there are a lot of hurt sources, then it (meaning the pain gland which in turns signals the brain that something is terribly bad) wouldn't feel pain anymore right? So therefore, try sticking your fingers into the fire today and see if you can still feel them head hurts.

But then you'd have me crying in pain over a totally different thing, but you didn't exactly remove the pain did you?

My point exactly. We're talking about your brain right? Do not let the circumstances deviate you from the objective. Really. Now your brain's confused which to prioritize getting hurt about.

I didn't know whether to consult with him again or not. And seriously considering sticking Cheesy into the fire instead. Hahahahaha