Things I’m Thankful About

Jan 2, 2012, 4:10 PM |

Capacity to read, in effect, talk with authors who are really smart, funny and have a lot of guts. Reading takes me to places I’ve never been to, forces me to look at things the way other people does. I might not agree with them, but I learn to respect their opinion.


Capacity to look at colors, and represent an idea using them. Of looking at color combinations invented by Jah and using them on my design. Nudibranch: golden yellow, orange, white and black. Orchids: Green, Violet and Black. Mud: All shades of brown. Blue, Green, Gray and all the hues in between would represent a calm morning.


Looking at sunset and contemplating on issues.


Staring at the stars and thinking of the pictures I’ve seen on the net. The ant nebula, the crab nebula, the Milky Way galaxy. The universe traveling at a speed faster than the speed of light, away from each another, yet in an organized manner, never colliding, otherwise life would have been impossible.


Thinking. Some of the things that impress me: the DNA, the gene code so diverse that when aligned to form a single line would reach the sun 670 times. If Shakespeare is needed to write Romeo and Juliet, who wrote the DNA code? And of snowflakes which pretty much like human finger prints differ from one flake to another (I was wondering if leaf venations are similar). Amazing diversity!


Drinking coffee, scalding hot. Bitter. Yet addictive.


Laughing really hard.


Singing my heart out. 


Finding an instrumental (violin, saxophone, or piano) which reminds me that pain is better than the lack of capacity to feel anything at all. The greatest pain is numbness, in the same manner that boredom is worse than poverty.


Accomplishing something I never thought I could for lack of capacity, but I end up achieving. What bliss.


Hugging nene the cat so tight until she had to squeezed out of my reach. Hahaha.


Receiving a kind comment. A thank you note. A sincere appreciation.