Giving Me His A Game

Jan 18, 2012, 3:15 AM |

 I’ve played against someone I come to appreciate not only for being friendly and all, but for being nice as well. I lost the game, not exactly happy about it (I’m still hitting the pillow right now), but I appreciate the fact that he is not afraid to recognize somebody else’s strength. He gave me his A game, and boy did I have real difficulty countering it. I’ve enjoyed our friendly chat as well. Am sharing some of the points that we discussed, and some of the things that got me thinking:

  • Playing against a stronger opponent is a privilege. However, getting laughed at for being beaten is definitely not a happy experience. Regardless if the opponent is young or old alike, there is no excuse for being rude.
  • Life is to short to not converse with people whenever the chance is given. Most simply doesn’t feel like talking, not that anything's wrong with that, we use our time according to how we feel like doing so. That’s okie too. But the few once who give extra effort and extend warm conversations, I really appreciate them a lot.

I’m bubbling with laughter, until the check mate hits me. Then that was like, ouch.. However, I do not refuse the strength of that game, and I recognize that I had made several mistakes myself.

My best compliment is that, he gave me his best in that game, his A game actually..