Talay's Definition of Chess Terms

Talay's Definition of Chess Terms

Jun 28, 2012, 3:11 PM |

Thank you to cheesy for helping me out around here. Or I would have been hopelessly hopeless. Begin blog post. (And here are my other articles, I wrote them myself, I think you would want to check this outhttp://blog.chess.com/nerryaugustin/nerry-phasing-out-enters-talay-introductory-meetingLaughing, see I enjoy this caretaker thing I guess)

Attack- is like this, hm, you got a pretty much precious “thing” in your possession and somebody stole it, then you decided, that can’t be, attack!!!!

Defense- then your attack did not work and you are endangering your, hm, safety.

Offense- is when your opponent does not know when to attack and so you force him to do so.

Cheesy’s note: Kid, this is not basketball. This is chess, you are confusing chess with other games. There is no offense in chess. I thought you should know.

Talay: There’s none? Well why didn’t you say earlier. How about, flying kick and hm,

Cheesy: Do you want to fly outside this blog post? We can give the kick you were looking for (Number One and Nosy, agree).

Talay: Ow. Offensive cheesy. How about hm... Hey this is a castle thing. So there must be a princess here. Well, is there a princess here?

Cheesy: None.

Talay: How about, ah, hm, ah, a prince.

Cheesy: None.

Talay: An ogre?

Cheesy: We’re you thinking of asking for a donkey next? (For graphical representation, i think she's refeering to this)

Talay: Yes! Smart Cheesy, an ogre and a donkey! Well?

Cheesy: Go home and watch t.v. You are not worthy of being a caretaker here. You are messing the blog posts!!

Talay: Let me try again. Geez. You are very critical. I am 5 years old, I am not supposed to get everything right!!

And so the conclusion of this blog post for now, I think blogging is really difficult. Yes.