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Unlearning the Language

Unlearning the Language

Mar 12, 2012, 7:34 AM 10
The world is a wonderful place. Said I. If only people would listen to me. 
But I do listen to you.
You’re not a people yet. You’re a kid. People are adults. And you are not an adult yet. So you may hear me. And listen to me. Listen well. 
Why do you say that kids are not people? 
I don’t know. We’ll, people don’t talk to trees, and they don’t understand frogs. They don’t listen to a bird’s singing a song for them. You do all these things. Therefore, this must be because you haven’t learnt to unlearn our language. 
What language?
The one we’re using right now. See, go there non-person kid, and ask a bug, why is he a bug, why does he shout in laughter upon a dawning sun?

We’ll I can’t do that. Can’t you see him sleeping? It’s his nap, he told me  so the last time I tried waking him up. Boy was he angry.. I had to  apologize a dozen apologies and kiss  his nose before he was able to get  over it and doze back to sleep. Why, you go and ask him yourself. You’re  a tree, and trees are supposed to be smart and intelligent. 
Ha! Trees are more than smart, non-person kid. We are full of wisdom. That’s the way we are created. We understand everything.
Ow really? Then how about you tell me why you can’t move at all? You  can’t even fly like the birds, you only stay here at this place, look at the  sky. That’s a pretty boring  existence to me. Boring. Boring. Tree.
Non-person kid, you have limited view of things, as you are still young. Simply because I can’t do things that others can means I have a boring existence. I gave up my breath to sustain yours. I listen when the wind tells me of a raging storm, I learnt from bugs, and the flies, time has taught me patience, it should taught you the same as well my dear..
Sorry. Other kids, they say because I’m lame, and can’t move around like  the rest of them, then I must be a sore losser, but I often think of you and how you can’t do the same. Mom said you’re not true, and you’re not supposed to talk back, and that you must  be something that doesn’t exist.
As long as you can hear what I say, then you still know our language. The language that binds creatures together, the way a circle never ends. You’ll unlearn this language soon, but for now, learn while you still can. 

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