3 Game played with Young Children on Children's Day (1 Oct 2016)!

Oct 1, 2016, 11:09 PM |

A middle aged guy (that's me, newbie_learner) played a few games with young children (below 10) today. I wonder how long it'll take them to surpass me. Probably very soon. But I will strive to improve to the best of my abilities too!

Game 1

Game 2 (a rematch with young Ms E). I can sense that she's thirsting for revenge! But bringing this type of mentality into the game probably would affect objective assessment. I think I can cope with this, since I'm old enough, but its understandable for children to need more time and experience. Take your time young ones, you have plenty of time ahead to continue enjoy chess and life!

Game 3 was against a separate young boy. But he's really careless (I allowed him to take back a lot of times). To improve, I hope he would spend more time thinking. After all, we are playing without clocks!