A collection of some rapid games played over 3 days

Sep 25, 2016, 9:05 AM |

Rapd games collection of a newbie's game played across 3 days. All comments and criticism are welcomed. Thanks for taking time to see itFoot in Mouth

Day 1 (Friday, at Thomson CC)

Game 1: Mr R vs newbie_learner
It felt like a miniature, whereby Mr R was experimenting with a rare approach against the French Defense.

Game 2: Mr R has his revenge =) Time Control was 15minutes + 10 seconds per move each side.

Game 3 with CH has been well covered separately. Thanks to his quick overview on the King's Indian (the game I lost), I managed to get crucial information for one of the games on game 2.

The game with CH is as follows:


Day 2 (Saturday, at Sports Hub Library)
It's a very cool place to play chess -- I like the human-sized chess board very much!

Game 1: v.s. a young Ms A

Game 2: v.s. a young Mr R. I should've lost this one from a real bad blunder.

Game 3: Vs young Mr R. again. This time without clocks (so we have more time to think). I find him play the moves a little too fast, however. This is another experience vs the King's Indian Defense.

Day 2 (Sunday, at Siglap South CC)

Game 1: vs Mr N (no clock was used)

Game 2 vs Mr N again, colours reversed, this time with a clock (15 minutes + 10 second increment per move).

Game 3: vs young AG. No clock was used, so we have time to think. We went overtime with this game Foot in Mouth