My lost practice game on 27 Aug 2016 @ Nanyang CC

Aug 26, 2016, 10:29 AM |

Okay, this is my maiden post. I think I can really reach out to fellow beginners who are seeking to improve in chess. This is about how I(a beginner) sees things.

The 'format' I play with my young opponent is as follows:
A. We don't use a chess clock (also because we don't have one, Nanyang CC is a very new club with limited funds available for various purchases).

B. This is a practice game/training game. Both of us are seeking to learn through playing, unlike a tournament, where we are striving to make the best moves while managing time allowed.

C. I allow my young opponent to take back on any move. I would also point out obvious mistakes if I am good enough to see it. I don't claim to see everything (correctly), so this is really limited to outright, glaring mistakes. Being harsher to myself maximises my training value-- it forces me to be more careful.

Some further background / context: I'm aged 31, and recently got back into chess. Just played my first rated tournament a few months ago, with FIDE rating of 1400+.

My young opponent, aged 10, had also abandoned chess for other pastimes for a few years. I understand he was very good, and is now seeking to restore his form.


Playing skills aside, I really enjoy playing this young, promising chess champion in the making. He is extremely humble whether he wins or lose, and was extremely polite during the course of the game. (A lot of young players, especially boys, like to show-off and be arrogant).

Of course, the world is more interesting with different personalities...You get the idea!

Would be very grateful to anyone who is willing to take a look and offer advice. Thanks in advance!