The Neverending Journey

Jul 26, 2009, 8:39 PM |

The journey of two magician vieng for the territory in which the power of both conqueror begins through battle of the brain, which is which. The Black or the White...who will regain the victory? Try to make your move so that you will know how to live in this way!

On a certain territory, down from the westward along the Island of Philippines, there lived the most ancestral tribe of Ilongotz. The head of the tribe came from the family of Malayans where they, his family happen to stay for almost 300 years through sailing into the ocean during Spanish colonial era. He and his tribe lived in peace and harmony, and they enjoy the fun of life. From there, the journey of their life was so amazing. They lived the life of simplicity without so much danger and worries. Until such be continued!