Common checkmates for beginners

Oct 31, 2009, 7:52 AM |

Hello I am here to show you three common checkmates for beginners First the  two rooks checkmate, the pawn and a king checkmate, and as I like to call it the queen and defender checkmate. Here is the queen and a defender checkmate.

 I know you are thinking why he would move to all these random spots I just made him move there so i could show you my point as the bishop defends the queen hence the name queen and defender checkmate the next one is the two rooks checkmate.


This game was a little more realistic than the first one don't you think.  Well here is the third checkmate a king and a pawn.
Now lets put together all that you've learned there will be a puzzle below that tests your knowledge of one of the checkmates above.  Here you go!
I hope this information helped if you have any questions comment below thank you for reading and I hope this information was helpful.