My Chess League OTB 2010

May 2, 2010, 10:21 AM |

1st Game: Played white, Kings Gambit.  Disaster, made a lot of blunders.  Motivation were very low.

2nd Game:  Just what I needed:  A 10 move minature.  Chrushing!

3rd Game:  Played black for the first time.  Played against a 1700.  Got a great advantage, but made a blunder at the end and did not play my end game very good.  It was however a 3 hour marathon!  The team we played against were Tswane Central B.

Game 4:  Arrived at the venue and scratched my car!  Also late evening prior night and currently not fit.  Played into a strong opening position, but then made 4 blitz moved and blundered on move 18...Argh...Do blunder check!! Sit on your hands, but do not blunder so early.  Got emotionally upset and it went downhill very quickly from there even tough the game went +50 moves and I had some tactical chances due to the open line I had.  I was however lost in my head and were hoping for a gift.  Anyway, my notation went haywire as well and below is the game till my blunder.


Game 5:  Came back from holiday and just played to quick and was not focussed.  Made a lot of mistakes.  No further mention required.
Game 6: Felt I were a bit more focussed and relaxed.  Got into a very strong position, but I slipped up and fell for a big tactical error which basically destroyed my game.  I got relaxed and overconfident.  I also left castling alone for too long.