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Dunbar Chess Club

Dunbar Chess Club

Nov 27, 2013, 6:40 PM 5

away match at Dunbar we won for a change but it was not easy the match started at 7.30pm sharp heads down eyes up oh no thats Bingo,

my opponent was Alistair Miller grade 1392 mine 1157 so queens pawn oppening d4-d5  we win our first game on board 5 Thanks to David Howson, then my game on board 4 was a draw good result for me lol then Robert Wilson wins his game things are looking up, spoke to soon Jim Louden on board 1 ends but Jim was well out graded 1357 against 1811 so quite a differance in grading, so with one game still in play a draw gives us our first win of the season Dave king 1283 playing against Jonathon Livingston 1656 again a huge differance in grading Dave got offered a draw twice and turned it down he only had a few minutes left on the clock I dont think he realized how little time he had left his opponent had five minutes more than Dave at onetime then at the end Jonathan flag fell Dave did not notice both playing frantickly  then it was over it was a stale mate.

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