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Musselburgh 2 vs Edinburgh West

Musselburgh 2 vs Edinburgh West

Nov 20, 2013, 9:52 AM 3

Edinburgh west came to Musselburgh, it was a league match I was on board 5 My opponet an old rival Robin Johnson I am black and Robin is a couple of minutes late I start the clock as is the rules but Robin come rushing through the door pushes his C4 pawn takes of his jacket a bit heavy breathing mind Robin usualy cycles,my response is C5 now we have the English symmetrical A34 the game begins I dont know this system so play carefully.....dont tell Robin, we always have a good battle and today was no differance than usual the game was exciting from my end of the board as black it was a tug of war for the centre and as the game progressed I was able to push a pawn and attack his Queen and had a discovered attack on his rook Robin did not see this and was shocked after he takes my pawn that my bishop shoot along the open diagonal and slays the rook in the cornerthen this change I am trying to get pieces of the board and Robin is having none of it, robin shoots his Queen down to the seventh rank and steels a pawn  and now queen and rook are aiming at f7 and rook takes the pawn  I slide my queen on to same diagnag as my bishop and is mate in the next move Robin checks the boar for a few moments to see if he can do anything then offers his hand in resignation

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