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The Lothian Allegro (photo's)

Sep 28, 2015, 10:26 AM 4

Hi chess friends hope live is good, went along to day two of the Allegro as could not get the Saturday off work to play. so just wandered around The Westerhailes Education Centre thats in Edinburgh taking some pictures of todays play stopped to watch one of the most talented chess players in Scotland FM Mr Alan Tate 2305 he was playing another talented up and coming young player Euan Grey aged 14 and graded 1656 he played a superb game and held Alan to a draw, great game to watch too, there was a good mixture of strenths and ages too, there was 18 players in the open section, Steve Mannion won over all with 4.5/5. and Alan with 4./5. but Alan retains the title of Lothian Champion as Mr Mannion lives out withe the Lothians.

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