The funny and social differences between men and women. How each differs socially...!!!

Dec 25, 2010, 2:06 AM |

 1. Say the prom dance is coming up, if you’re a GIRL that hangs out with a group of 5 other girls, and one of the girls doesn’t have a date, the other four will gather up as a team to find that one girl a date for the prom. But if you’re a GUY that hangs out with a group of 5 dudes and one of them doesn’t have a date, the other four will make fun of him and tell him “MAN I can’t believe you don’t have a date yet!! Haha!! What’s wrong with you?!”

2. If you are a GIRL and you are sitting with all your “girlfriends” and one of them needs to use the bathroom, everyone else will go to the bathroom to keep her company. If you’re a GUY and you’re hanging out with your bros and one of them says they have to go to the bathroom, no one acknowledges it. And if a GUY dares to ask if someone wants to come, the next thing coming to him will be a punch to the neck and him getting yelled at for being called gay.

3. When GIRLS go to malls, they like to take their time to look at things even though they came to the mall to buy one or two things. GIRLS leave the mall with about twice as many things as they said, and also the Starbucks coffee cup they drank when they met up with a friend on accident. When GUYS go to the mall, they have one thing in mind and that is what they are coming to the mall for. GUYS go in, get it, and leave. And if they see a friend while they’re there, they will just nod their heads to each other and walk away.

4. If you’re a GIRL whose relationship just ended, you will cry your heart out to all her friends and all together write a poem about how men are so dumb and stupid. A week later she can totally be over it. If you’re a GUY, five months after the breakup on a Saturday night will send his ex a letter saying how much he hates her and how she was so rude to him and never REALLY understood him. Then the following day will write another one saying how he is so sorry and wishes he could be with her and lists the reasons that he started to like her.

5. If you’re a GIRL and you just finished taking a test or finished a worksheet, you will spend your free time either reading a book, or filling in the circles of the letters in the whole assignment with your pencil. If you’re a GUY, you will finish the exam and either put your arm on the exam and put your head on your arm and sleep, or flip the page over to where its blank and draw a “sick” war scene or your favorite sports team logo.

6. All GIRLS follow the “law of girls” which states you are not allowed to date any of your friends ex boyfriends forever. But if you’re a GUY who is trying to hook up with your friends ex, you start to estimate the amount of time they have been broken up for. And once you start going out with her, your friend will come up to you and say “dude, how could you?!” and your answer will be “dude she doesn’t like you anymore and you guys have been broken up for like…ever.”

7. If you’re a GIRL and your groups of friend’s names are Catherine, Jenny, Mary, and Amy, you refer to them as Catherine, Jenny, Mary, and Amy. If you’re a GUY and your friends names are John, Bill, Ted, and Brian, you refer to them as, Monkeybutt, Looser, Godzilla, and Douche.

8. If you’re a GIRL and you get lost while driving, you will stop at the next gas station or ask the next “decently” looking person walking on the street. If you’re a GUY and you get lost, you keep driving until you find your way, and you never admit that you’re lost.

9. And finally, if you’re a GIRL, you will sometimes admit your mistakes. The last GUY to admit his mistakes was George Washington cutting down his tree.