Sep 15, 2016, 6:08 AM |

Hey every one! Today is my first blog for 1,000 and under! We will be discussing the pawn!


The pawn is a very helpful tool IF you know ho to use it. wink.png So to day hopefully you will be winning games with it!


I feel like part of the problem is the mindset some people have about pawns. They think they are worthless and throw them away. But if you change you mind set you can tell how much more YOU can use them.


The Pawn ( Which I will start representing with a bp.png) moves two squares or one on its FIRST move. But after that first move you can only move it one square. Here is a diagram.

 See how they only moved one square after their first move? That's how that is done!



Now we are going to talk about their capture pieces. They can only take pieces to their right and left DIGANOL. Like so



Now we are going to talk about what they do in the end game!


The last thing we are going to talk about is a FORK . This is how it works!
I hope you enjoyed this blog and I will be seeing you later next week!