How should a club player tackle an IM player?

Nov 10, 2014, 12:21 PM |

So last season I played black against a 2200ish IM player in a 1hr each time control match. Given I am an average club player I went into the game with a rather simplistic strategy of intending to keep things tight and simplified, hopefully making sensible piece exchanges where the opportunity arised.

What do you recommend as a good strategy for a 1700ish club player, playing a Master?

1. Pawn blockade positions?

2. Trading pieces at every opportunity?

3. Minimize the tactical opportunities by attempting to keep the position simplified.

4. Avoid passive play.

5. Go on the attack.

6. None of the above! Just play your normal game.

7. Something else?... [ PLEASE SHARE YOUR SUGGESTIONS! ]

And onto the game (I am black)...