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What was I Thinking Game of the Week

What was I Thinking Game of the Week

Sep 8, 2017, 5:41 PM 0

    Traffic is bad and people are out and about buying every available gallon of gasoline and water.  Apparently, a storm is out in the Atlantic Ocean and has the potential to bring down pain and suffering upon millions.  However, the chess must go on.  And on it did, with a terrible loss for black in my fourth game. 

     I still do not have a real grasp on openings when playing stronger opponents.  These guys are good and they understand the game.  I am in a learning phase and I relish these games even though I finish them poorly.  Last night's game is another step along my path.  I did not know how to answer white's moves and I played timid.  I held my thoughts and played defensively and gave good squares and blundered pieces.

     You can see that I blundered like some people vote: early and often.  Give me your thoughts and any variations that I missed.  I only reviewed this game a few times before I am posting it for review.  I know 11 people viewed my last post, and perhaps this time you guys will present me with advice!

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