Ain't it the truth

Sep 5, 2009, 12:04 PM |

There is talk of having GM Vladislav Tkachiev banned from chess for appearing inebriated for his game. The article can be found on the excellent online chess magazine,
Are you kidding me?! Give any GM too drunk to play free entry fee and pair him with ME! I'm still looking for my first GM scalp...
Seriously, let us not condem our fellow players. Stories of inebriated players abound. Many years ago a very strong player in Atlanta, who was on a rather long unbeaten streak went to the infamous world-class dive, the STEIN CLUB, between rounds. Upon returning, he lost. Yet, he is revered by those of us old enough to remember.I once mentioned to the supervisor at Checker Cab Co, in Atlanta, that one of the owner-operators, "Had a drinking problem." Slick replied, "We all have problems, Mike."
Ain't it the truth...