Ben Moon Arising

Oct 1, 2008, 3:00 PM |

Twelve players arrived for the Tuesday Night Fights, with usual House man, Bob Bassett, taking a half point bye in the first round, making it a total of thirteen for the fight night. As usual, form held in the first round with the top half clubbing the bottom half. The action heated up in the second round with Ben Moon (1766) upsetting his top rated brother, Joe (2073). Samuel Zimmerman (1647) inflicted pain upon the good doctor Cano (1800), while #2 seed, Longshot Larry Johnson beat James Stack (1648). Carter Peatman (1595) beat Bob Bassett (1554). The last round saw Longshot Larry offer a quick draw which was accepted by young Ben, and they both joined Zimmy, who had taken a half point bye in the last round, to split first prize, with each winning $14. Pinky Peatman also took a half point bye in the third round to finish with a point and a half. Bob Bassett received a full point bye in the last round, to go with his half point bye in the first round, to tie for the Under 1600 prize, with both winning $10. According to the manager, this is the first time a player has played only one of the three possible games, losing it, and won money! Let us hope it is the last...
The big winners, rating wise, were the youngsters, Ben Moon (+29) and the Z-man (+20). The big losers were the old(er) guys, Dr Cano (-15) and Bassett (-14).
Between the second and third rounds, Joe Moon was heard singing:

I see the bad ben moon arising./I see trouble on the way./I see earthquakes and lightnin./I see bad times today./Chorus: Don't go around tonight,/Well, he's bound to take your knight, Theres a bad ben moon on the rise. /I hear hurricanes ablowing./I know the end is coming soon./I fear rivers over flowing./I hear the voice of rage and ruin./ Chorus All right!/Hope you got your things together./Hope you are quite prepared to lose./Looks like were in for nasty weather./One pawn is taken for an pawn.

(With apologies to JOHN FOGERTY and Creedence Clearwater Revival )