Blue Moon's

Oct 7, 2008, 9:10 PM |

The turnout for the TNF was a top heavy fifteen, only four of whom were rated below 1475. The big news in the first round was Alexander Foster's (1217) draw with Ben Moon! Alex has been taking lessons from The Stud, including one right before the Fights. The Stud was once again "too tired" to play Fight Night. Seems having to attend school has cramped his style, although he did say he slept until 2 pm!
James Stack (1600) took out Mr Foster in the second round, while Ben beat a late arriving and half point bye taking Reece Thompson (1476). Top rated Joe Moon (2096) beat Dr Cano (1808), and Longshot Larry Johnson (2056) beat Pinky Peatman (1698). Chris Wiley (1857) sent Soloman Zelman (1700) home and also moved to 2-0.
Another Longshot came through, as Larry, proving need really does focus the mind, beat Joe Moon, while Chris Wiley bested his little brother, Ben. They each won $22.
James Stack upset the good Doctor to win the under prize of $20. The thing is that if there had only been prizes for first, second, and third, Mr Stack would have tied for third with Joe Moon, who would then have entered the prize fund with his 2 points, the same as Mr Stack.
Alexander Foster received the full point bye in the last round and thereby won $5 for the 'Under under' prize.
Elevyn Chen, with her upset win over visitor William Hodson (1511) gained 39 points. James Stack gained 24 and Chris Wiley advanced 16. Mr Hodson, a friend of Bob Peatman, from Indiana, learned the hard way why it's called the "House of Pain" as he lost to Mr Wiley in the first round before losing to Elevyn and withdrawing. He donated 33 rating points to the House!

BLUE MOON The Marcels - words by Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers

Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone/ Without a dream in my heart /Without a love of my own/ Blue Moon, you knew just what I was there for /You heard me saying a prayer for/ Someone I really could care for /And then there suddenly appeared before me /The only one my arms will ever hold /I heard somebody whisper, "Please adore me" /And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold/ Blue Moon, now I'm no longer alone/ Without a dream in my heart/ Without a love of my own