I received an email asking why my blog was no longer listed on the blog page of, so I wrote to sometime in late Febuary of this year asking why my blog was no longer being posted along with other blogs on the blog page. I received this answer:
Kohai (Staff) 24 Feb 2011 06:02 PM
Which blogs aren't showing ? do you have links for them so i can take a look ?
Kohai Support Manager
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Department: General Support

I responded: nocab (Member) 24 Feb 2011 11:02 PM
Teaching Chess is Subversive @
I was made aware that it was not listed on the blog page, so I entered it again,
that's why you will see 2. It does not look like it made it either, yet 60
people have read it...

And received this reply: Kohai (Staff) 02 Mar 2011 02:03 AM
nocab did you copy that entire blog content from another site ? or did you write the whole content yourself personally ?
Kohai Support Manager

So I sent this answer: nocab (Member) 02 Mar 2011 04:03 PM
Most of it is from books, some from websites, and some my own words. Emails have
been positive. Why? I mean, why are you asking? Is it not acceptable to to use the words of others to illustrate MY points?
I've received emails asking why my blog has not been listed on the blog page.
That's why I sent this query...

The reply was from a new person: Matt Helfst (Staff) 05 Mar 2011 08:03 AM
Yes, it is fine to use other resources so long as you give proper credit for the content of others that you use. Your blog postings are listed in the blogs section but as more blog content is published your blog content will move down the list and eventually off the 1st blog page which shows the most recent blog postings.


As you might imagine, I was pretty much exasperated by now. My frustration shows in my next email: nocab (Member) 05 Mar 2011 04:03 PM
I do not understand why you people refused to post my blog on the blog page, and
I certainly do not understand why you asked me, "nocab did you copy that entire blog content from another site ? or did you write the whole content yourself personally?"
This fellow seems to infer that I am a thief because I copied my 'entire content
from another site." I resent the implications greatly. You people have impugned
my character! I have NEVER and would NEVER use the work of another WITHOUT
ATTRIBUTION! EVERY WORD printed on your site, or at the original BaconLOG ( ) is either my own, or, if written by someone
else, is attributed to them! I have asked several of my friends, a college
English professor; a guy with not one, but two PhD's., and others, to check my
work and they have all said that there is indeed something wrong ...Something
wrong with YOU!!!
The reason I use the words of others to illustrate my points is that, for
example, when it comes to educating children, my only experience has been in
teaching in-school afternoon chess. If you take time to read my post again, you
will see that the people I quote have spent their WHOLE LIVES either teaching,
or writing books about teaching! They have much more gravitas than I, would you
not agree? I included the book by Jim Marrs, a friend of mine, and even the name
of the chapter, and sub-name! I included the url so ANYONE could check. I take
it you did not 'click-on' to verify, now did you?
You owe me, at the least, an apology!
Michael Bacon

The exchange continues:

Matt Helfst (Staff) 07 Mar 2011 11:03 PM
Hello Michael. Yes, it is fine you post this. We apologize if it appeared as if we were accusing you of copying other's content. This is fine what you have done.


nocab (Member) 08 Mar 2011 04:03 PM
Yet I just checked and did not see my latest post, Houston, We Have a Problem,
listed with the other blogs...I don't have time to check for my penultimate
post, 2011 US Senior, but doubt ist's there either. Why is that?


I'm sorry if i came across as accusing, i didn't mean it to sound like that. I was trying to determine if the blog was copied from another site to see if it was our filter that hide the blogs thinking it was a form of spamming due to the amount of hyperlinked lines in the blogs themselves. We are using a new spam filter because of the increasing number of spammers we're getting on the site, but the filter does need tweaking somewhat as its detecting hyperlinks in blogs, and unfortunately some innocent members are being caught up in this.
Kohai support.

I received another email from a friend who had mentioned my blog to someone, who was having trouble finding it on the blog page of, so I decided to look for it myself, to no avail. I then sent this to 'support':
nocab (Member) 11 Apr 2011 06:04 PM
I've noticed that the number of readers is way down, so I went back and have not
been able to find where ANY of my blog posts have been included along with the
other blogs. Will you please tell me why you people stopped posting my blog?

This is the last email I have received from, this time from 'Dan':

Your blogs did not appear in the main blog listing because you kept posting either controversial subjects not appropriate for here, or copyrighted material.
Your blogs are still readable; anyone who goes to your page, or who is tracking your activity, will be alerted to them and see them.
But you will need to post more acceptable content in order for it to appear under the main blog listings.

Dan Support

So decided to stop posting my blog, along with others on the 'official' blog page because " kept posting either controversial subjects not appropriate for here, or copyrighted material."
First they accuse me of using copyrighted material, then apologize, and now accuse me once again! It would seem either these people cannot make up their minds, or the right hand does not know what the left is doing.
Although this is not total censorship, it is at least partial censorship. It would seem that, if I were actually guilty of using copyrighted material, would not allow me to post on their site at all. As for "...posting either controversial subjects not appropriate for here, or copyrighted material", I have no idea what is "not appropriate" since 'Dan' makes no mention of exactly what is "not appropriate." As for being "controversial", since when is something written banned in this country because it is "controversial"? I thought that was something done in countries like the former Soviet Union, or, going back further, Nazi Germany. Controversy is suppressed today in communist China. People all over the world are in revolt from despotic rulers who suppress any thought they consider to be "controversial." Yet the people at are trying to limit exposure of my thoughts on their website. What they have done is un-American. Many have fought and died for the people of this country to have the right of being "controversial."
This will be my last post on I do not like the site because of all the pop-up ads that only detract from my enjoyment. The site is run like the Mafia used to run neighborhoods in that they would come to your place of business and tell you that you needed 'protection' from, say, fire. When you would inform them that there had been no fire in a century, you better believe that if you refused 'protection' there would be a fire, and soon! That's the way it is at They offer you a chance to 'upgrade' your account, which means paying for the opportunity to enjoy your surfing pleasure sans pop-up distractions. A man who knows that enough is enough will always have enough. I have had enough of

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