Half Moon

Sep 10, 2008, 10:31 AM |

Twenty one players entered the TNF, including Joe Moon and his little brother, Ben. Things pretty much held form in the first round, except for Shawn Zhu's (836) win over Frankie Sanders (450). These were the two lowest rated players and should not have been paired. Eric Lu (1521) received a 1/2 point bye for arriving late. So much for the rule instituted just a short time ago about late arriving players. It would appear the manager's atavistic tendencies have overwhelmed his logic.
James Stack (1648) let it be known that he was in the House with his upset win over The Pipe (2082) in round two. Alexander Foster (1053), because he had NOT requested a half point bye in the last round, received the full point bye even though two others were lower rated. The late pairing changes would come back to haunt the tournament later.
Mr Stack had to take a half point bye in the final round because of work. Mr Zelman, after wins versus former House employee and cat lover, Armand Goldstein, and Shawn Zhu, also took a half point bye, both finishing with 2 1/2 points. They were joined by almost half the field, as eight others took the gift. That left The Stud to play Joe Moon, while his brother, Ben (2-0), squared off against Eric Lu (1 1/2). Damir Studen beat Joe, while Ben beat Mr Lu. They therefore tied for first place, each winning $26. Mr Zelman and Mr Stack tied for third, taking home $7.
The under 1500 prize was won by Alexander Foster with his last round win over Robert Steen (1397). Mr Foster was actually eligible for the under 1300 prize (I have absolutely no idea why there was an under 1300 prize in addition to the under 1500 prize. The prize fund is arbitary and capricious, made up from week to week, unlike, say, the weekly backgammon tournaments in which I used to participate a quarter century ago, where the percentage for winning players was known in advance of entering), but actually won the under 1500 prize of $22 (!). That's right, the under prize was much more than the second prize of only a paltry $18...Jonathan Choi (1113) and Shawn Zhu each won $6.50 by winning one and losing one and taking a half point bye.
Mr Foster gained 39 rating points in addition to his windfall, while Honathan Choi picked up 35. Mr Stack gained 28.
$101 was paid out and the percentage won was, roughly, 33% first; 18% second 14% third. 22% under 1500 and 13% under 1300. I would prefer to see a more professional 50% for first; 25% second; and 12.5% third. The remainder could be distrubited to the lower rated players who should be playing, not for a chance to win money, but to improve their skill at chess! Comments welcome.