How NOT to run a tournament

Jul 31, 2009, 9:16 AM |

I have made the decision to only participate in Senior events. One of the reasons is I simply do not enjoy playing faster time limit chess. Chess is a game requiring thought; thought requires time. It is simply not possible to appreciate the vast beauty contained in a chess game when one does not have the time to even see that beauty. A great deal of the beauty in chess is in what is NOT played; the variations in the mind while deliberating.
This notice for an upcoming Senior event caught my eye:
Sept. 12 Ohio Senior Championship
A State Championship Event! Open to anyone born before 1960. 2 sections, Open and U1600. 4SS, Rnd 1 G/75, Rnds 2-4 G/90. The University of Toledo Health Science Campus, Mulford Library Basement Café, 3000 Arlington Ave., Toledo, Ohio 43614. See web site for campus map: / EF: $30 by 9/10 $35 at site, $2 off for OCA members. Reg.: 9-10 a.m., Rds.: 10, 1, 4, & 7. Prizes: $1000 b/30, $200-150-100, 1st Class A ,B, $100, 1st U1600 $150, 1st Class C,D/under, $100. Trophy to Open and U1600 winners. Ent: Jonathan Doran, 4120 Walker Ave., Toledo, OH 43612. 419-350-1971. E-mail:

As if G/90 is not bad enough, the first round will be fought even faster! As we age we tend to slow down, which would indicate the need for MORE, not less, time.
But the truncated time limit is not the worst thing about this particular format. Please note this is a ONE DAY event. It will be AROUND THE CLOCK chess for Seniors, with nary a break for food, much less rest. This is a lot to ask from young players! It is far too much to ask from Seniors.
This is, quite simply, not a serious event. As a matter of fact, it could be extremely harmful to the health of Seniors! As far as I am concerned,it does not merit consideration.