Nattering nabob of negativism

Sep 2, 2009, 12:33 PM |

After reading an article in the Tuesday, Sept 1 WSJ entitled, OLDER, WISER, SLOWER by Kevin Helliker ), I received an email from a person who had read my latest and took exception, calling me a "Nattering nabob of negativism!" Shades of Spiro Agnew...At least he did not call me a 'pusillanimous pussyfooter'. To that I may have taken exception!
Since I have been challenged to produce a better US Senior, here goes...If I had the means I would hold a US Senior in a venue close to an extended stay hotel. It comes equipped with a full kitchen. There is one within a short walk of the hotel where the Southern Open has been held in recent years. One can stay at an extended stay for a week for the same price one will pay for two days at a hotel.
The tournament would begin on a Monday, with players arriving and getting ensconced Sunday. The rounds would begin at ten am, with a time control of 40/2, followed by an additional hour AND with thirty seconds added only in the secondary time control. There would be only one game per day, as two per day for a Senior is one too many! Games would be played each day thru Saturday, with an awards ceremony and banquet Saturday evening. Players could leave Sunday to return home.
I would do 'whatever it takes' to find sponsorship. There are a great many companies catering to the 'baby-boomers' who would be willing to sponsor something as worthy as the US Senior Championship! There would, therefore, be no entry-fee for the players.
I would pay Harry Sabine to direct the event for obvious reasons!