New IM in Town

Oct 6, 2008, 6:02 PM |

Inga Gurevich reports that the winner of the 2008 South Carolina Championship, IM Kirill Kuderinov has moved to Atlanta and will be staying with the Gurevich family. He has been in Texas, but is listed by FIDE as being from Kazakhstan. His FIDE rating is 2413 and his USCF rating before the SCC was 2483. The young man, born in 1987, will be attending college in the area. Kirill was nicked for a draw by the always tenacious LM Klaus Pohl, who, at 72 years young, is the South's answer to Viktor Korchnoi!
Daniel Gurevich finished with 3 points, which included a first round draw with NM Chris Mabe, and his habitual half point bye in the third round, something I like to see. Three games of chess in one day is at least one too many! It is not just Senior's who can benefit from a half point bye in the third round on Saturday night...Paul Taylor and Gerald Battaglia both finished with 2 points. Eighty players participated, an increase of twenty from the 2007 event!
Daniel has been gaining strength with every tournament and having an IM teacher can only help to improve his already strong game. The arrival of this young titled player could be just the thing for whom some players have been praying to Caissa. I look for the addition of this IM to benefit players such as Carter Peatman and Samuel Zimmerman immensely! These strong young players could see their playing strength rise by at least one class. This IM could be the tonic the greater Atlanta chess community has needed! With a strong player like this to anchor a team, it may be possible for the community to come together and place a team in the USCL from the "capital of the South!" The Atlanta Phoenix could rise!
The International Master will be playing in the G/45 at the House this Saturday. The GCA has decided to grant this tournament the desigination of a State Championship tournament. I am not entirely certain what that means. If the winner will be called the G/45 champ, does that mean we will have a G/60; G/75; & G/90 champion in the future? What about speed chess? What about G/30; G/20; G/15; G/10? Will we have a "Limbo" champion? How low will they go?
I would ask the GCA about this matter, but, rumor has it that at the last board meeting a motion to declare me the GCA's "least favorite person" was passed unanimously! I've tried to learn whether there is any truth to the rumor, but as with everything GCA, it is rather "hush-hush." My inquiries have been referred to the department of chessland security! I am afraid to press the issue any further as the possibility exists that I could be visited by the "Men in Black."


New Kid In Town

There's talk on the street; it sounds so familiar
Great expectations, everybody's watching you
People you meet, they all seem to know you
Even your old friends treat you like you're something new

Johnny come lately, the new kid in town
Everybody loves you, so don't let them down

You look in her eyes; the music begins to play
Hopeless romantics, here we go again
But after awhile, you're lookin' the other way
It's those restless hearts that never mend

Johnny come lately, the new kid in town
Will she still love you when you're not around?
There's so many things you should have told her,
but night after night you're willing to hold her,
Just hold her, tears on your shoulder

There's talk on the street, it's there to
Remind you, that it doesn't really matter
which side you're on.
You're walking away and they're talking behind you
They will never forget you 'til somebody new comes along
Where you been lately? There's a new kid in town
Everybody loves him, don't they?
Now he's holding her, and you're still around
Oh, my, my
There's a new kid in town
just another new kid in town
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