Other reasons...

Sep 5, 2009, 3:01 PM |

There is an interesting thread on the USCF website (www.uschess.org) concerning Membership Retention Data in the USCF ISSUES catagory. Someone recently mentioned how many scholastic players were becoming adult USCF members. I said I had read, somewhere, but could not recall where, that was not the case. I've been racking my brain, or, should I say, what's left of it, trying to recall where I read it. It was, therefore, good to see this thread in a part of the forum I rarely read. I suggest everyone take time to read it.
The part that jumped out at me is a post by Mike Nolan in which he writes, "On a year-to-year basis, senior members have the highest renewal rate, but we lose them for other reasons." Whoa! That hits a Senior HARD!