Largest Chess Set Available

Largest Chess Set Available

Nov 13, 2011, 1:15 PM |

Hello Chessmates!

My name is Nomi and I have created a ‘life-sized’ Chess game.  Combining two of my passions: art and chess, I have developed the largest chess set in the world.

Here are some details:

• It is the largest set in the world. The king is 43” tall and the pawns 33” tall.

• The board necessary to play it on measures 16 ft x16 ft.  Each piece sits on a 2 ft square.

• The pieces are very stable and tested to stay upright in 50 miles per hour winds.

•  The game comes in many colors – to interact visually with it’s surroundings.

• The base of each piece is square.

• Each piece weights 12 pounds each. (Allowing both  kids and adults of all ages to play.)

• It’s made from durable material that is maintenance free – suitable to indoors or    outdoors


Contact me for more details.