favourite excerpts from songs

Jul 21, 2008, 9:27 AM |



Well there are zillions, but right now on this machine i am listing to Courntey Love: so some brilliant song-excepts from Ms Love:  [all from her 2004 album America's Sweetheart:]

Is this the part in the book that you wrote
Where I gotta come and save the day
Did you miss me
Did you miss me

Well they say that rock is dead
And they're probably right
99 girls in the pit
Did it have to come to this
Turn the lights back on
You burn so hard
But you won't burn long

Three chords in your pocket tonight
Are you, you the one
With the spark to bring my punk rock back
And I don't think so
I've got voices screaming in my head
Are you jerking off in your bed?
It's not punk, it's not cool
It's not even boring
And it's not Eminem who's gonna save me

It's for real life
They tried to steal my soul
I've got pills when Famous
I've got pills when you're old
I've got pills cause I'm blonde
I've got pills cause you're dead
I've got cause I am the worst and best dressed

I've got pills cause I feel more than twentyone
Got pills cause I know, baby, you're not the one
I've got pills for my coochie
Cause baby, I'm sore
I've got pills cause you're fat
I've got pills cause I'm bored

My oh my baby you do reflect the sun
My oh my baby you were almost golden
My oh my oh how you do reflect the sun
My oh my baby you were almost golden
Sorry 'bout the fire
Sorry 'bout the torch
Sorry i had to have my revenge
Send it in a note
Say you cannot come
Say you are still tied to the bed

I get tired of the pleasure
My company's so cheap
Baby, take me from this tempest
Take me someplace so I can sleep
(Sleep, sleep)

You should've loved me baby
When redemption's too blind
Nature took my soul
And sin left a scar so wide
Time ravaged my body
And now i live in the house
Where the red light's always on
Baby, baby, baby
Shame on you and me and you